Building a case (1) – The beginning

For some unknown reason 😂 I decided I wanted to build my own modular synthesizer case. From wood. Maybe a crazy idea. We'll see and I'll document the progress here in this and upcoming blog posts tagged selfmade.

Early sketches

I asked my friend Heinrich whether he'd like to help because he's an engineer! 😉
He was in immediately and we started to brainstorm a few ideas on paper. Here are some of our initial sketches:


I decided not to build everything from scratch and that it would sure help a lot if at least the eurorack frames were readymade. So I searched on the web where I could buy those and eventually decided to go with Stefan Burbulla from clicks & clocks. I got the pricelist via email and decided to buy three silver eloxated 84HP 3U frames:

My frames

My frames

I can really recommend Stefan's business! Excellent quality, quick responses & delivery and very good packaging. Well, he's in Germany, I'm in Germany. But I guess he ships worldwide.

That's it for now. I bought the frames in January 2019 and the sketches date back to late January 2019, too. Not much has happened since then, case-wise. But I'm not in a hurry. Next step: decide on and buy wood and a power supply & bus system.

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