Wendy Carlos's 80th birthday

Wow! Wendy Carlos turned 80 on November 11, 2019!

Happy birthday, dear Wendy! Your Switched on Bach album really impressed me incredibly when I first heard it in my teen years! My brother had the vinyl and the cover had your former name on it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It's a timeless masterpiece and was groundbraking. It still is, in some ways. It sounds still fresh every time I hear it. I love it!

But not only this work! The original Tron soundtrack1!! And all your contributions with Bob Moog and for the Moog company and us synthesizer lovers … Thank you so so much for everything!

For German readers/speakers: in der Rubrik “Stichtag” gab es im Radio auf WDR 2 am 11.11.2019 einen Beitrag รผber Wendy Carlos:
Link to the German WDR 2 “Stichtag” podcast episode for Wendy Carlos.

  1. Apple iTunes affiliate link. ↩︎

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